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RNA Splicing: Basic Aspects Underlie Antitumor Targeting

[ Vol. 15 , Issue. 4 ]


Alzahraa A.M. Fergany* and Victor V. Tatarskiy   Pages 293 - 305 ( 13 )


Background: RNA splicing, a fundamental step in gene expression, is aimed at intron removal and ordering of exons to form the protein’s reading frame.

Objective: This review is focused on the role of RNA splicing in cancer biology; the splicing abnormalities that lead to tumor progression emerge as targets for therapeutic intervention.

Methods: We discuss the role of aberrant mRNA splicing in carcinogenesis and drug response.

Results and Conclusion: Pharmacological modulation of RNA splicing sets the stage for treatment approaches in situations where mRNA splicing is a clinically meaningful mechanism of the disease.


Cancer, molecular drug targets, RNA splicing, therapy, protein kinase inhibitors.


Department of Occupational and Environmental Health, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Science, Tokyo University of Science, Chiba, Institute of Gene Biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

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